T.S.T.V Lacoste

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T.S.T.V. Lacoste is the only student tennis association in Tilburg. Lacoste enables members to perfectly combine tennis and partying. Every wednesday the club evening takes place. Lacoste also participates in the autum and spring competition and in several tournaments. On top of that Lacoste organises parties and other relaxing activities. Lacoste orfanizes three tournaments: LUST, Lacoste Beachtennis, Lacoste Open Tournament en de Tilburg Student Tennis Championships Lacoste hosts both experienced as well as beginning tennis players. 


TSTV Lacoste organises multiple tennis related activites and social activities. Check the agenda below!

Club Night

Every wednesday TSTV Lacoste organises a Club Night that many of our members attend. Next to the weakly evening where players play against each other based on their level, their are special club evenings through out the year. Check te agenda to see when they take place.