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    The association year runs from the 1st of October until 31st of September. You can unsubcribe for the upcoming year until the first of October. The yearly contribution is € 42,50. Students who subscribe after the first of April pay a one-off tarif of € 27,50.


    Undersigned hereby authorizes T.S.T.V Lacoste to write/off of their bank account, the below mentioned amounts for the yearly contribution (€ 42,50), for all acitivities of T.S.T.V. they signed up for and for all items they ordered. jaarlijkse contributie (€ 42,50), voor alle activiteiten van T.S.T.V. Lacoste waarvoor hij/zij zich heeft ingeschreven en voor alle kleding die hij/zij besteld heeft.

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    When you become a member of T.S.T.V. Lacoste you are obliged to be a member of the Sports Centre of Tilburg University. On top of that I agree with the internal regulations, that is determined by the General Members Meeting of T.S.T.V. Lacoste. Fill out the box below to agree.

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