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Club of 40

T.S.T.V. Lacoste Club of 40
The number 40 is a very important number in tennis. With a score of 40 you can in many cases drag in a game, set or even the match. With the Club of 40, this number is now even more important!

What is the Club of 40?
The Club of 40 is an initiative for people who want to support T.S.T.V. Lacoste. Members of this club can support the association with an annual contribution of €40. The money is used for investments of which all members of T.S.T.V. Lacoste benefit and therefore it does not just disappear into the club cash register. This could include cantus benches, a party tent, new kroko suit or facilities on and around the tennis courts.

What do members of the Club of 40 get?

  • Participation in spending
  • Attribution on the website
  • A Club of 40 day, organized by T.S.T.V Lacoste
  • Year calendar, which will be delivered home
  • Monthly Kroko’s newspaper per email

For who?
The Club of 40 is for anyone who wants to support the association. Members, their friends and family, former members or whoever. For old members, the reason to participate may be the Lacoste heart they gained during their college days. For parents and other family members, the reason to participate may be to help the association that their child, grandchild, brother, sister, nephew or niece enjoys so much.