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The Tilburg student tennis association (T.S.T.V.) Lacoste is the biggest studentsportassociation in Tilburg and is established on 17 april 1967. Lacoste is open for students from inside off and close to Tilburg. Meanwhile we have 350 members, of which a big part is active within the association. In addition Lacoste has a old members association counting 115 members. Below is a overview of everything that occupies us and our communication with our members.

Activities on and next to the court
T.S.T.V. Lacoste is the ultimate mix between sportivity and fun activities. For the sportivity we organize a members night every wednesday, where depending on weather and study period 40-70 attend and where afterwards there are drinks in the sportsbar. Also there is a internal wintercompetition to make the sometimes cold winternights more active. Furthermore we have a laddercompetition where people can challenge eachother for their place in the ranking and a mastersrankig where you can gain points by getting far in tournaments in the area. Of course lacoste also participates in the KNLTB winter and springcompetition, this year respectively 9 and 15 teams. Next to the tennis related activities we also organize tons of other activites to provide atmosphere next to the court. These activites include a christmas dinner, meals on wheels/cycling dinner, a open party and activites especially for competition teams or new members.

Furthermore we are also very active outside of our own association. Starting the collegeyear we organise the Tilburg Student Tennis Championships (TSTK) with around 100 participants. Furthermore late may we organise a tournament for all student tennis associations in the Netherlands, and late June a beach tournament. Participant numbers of last year were 250 and 150 respectively. Not only do we play tennis with student. Since 2013 we organise a own open rating tournament the Lacoste Open. Around 200 tennisplayers from Tilburg and surroundings participate.

Our club magazine 'Kroko' is enjoyed by our members and is widely read. It contains reports and photo's from the activities we organise. This magazine both comes out in paper and as a digital version. The paper version is sent 4 times a year to all active members, everyone also receives it in their email and it can be found on the website. Moreover a monthly mail gets send out to the members with the agenda and other important information. Furthermore we communicate through our website as much as possible. Members can always look here for updates, information about activities competition or tournamentrankings, all pictures from activities and to sign up for the membersnight every week. Finally we print a yearbook at the end of every year. That way members can look back at the past year and also have a memarobilia to remember their years at T.S.T.V. Lacoste in the future aswell.

For all these activities and means of communication we are looking for sponsors. There are a lot of possibilities and we are always open for conversation to find a mutually beneficial option. Also we have interesting package deals with combinations like sponsorship on the webside, during a tournament, in our club magazine, flyers/vouchers via goodiebags, etc.

If you are interested in more information you can always contact our treasurer (06-52294220) or send an e-mail to