The biggest student sports association of Tilburg


TSTV Lacoste

T.S.T.V. Lacoste is opgericht op 17 april 1967. De studenten tennisvereniging telt op dit moment meer dan 550 leden en meer dan 125 oud-leden. Hiermee is het de grootste individuele studenten sportvereniging van Tilburg.

Lacoste organises many events throughout the year. Wednesday evening is the central thread throughout the association year. During this evening, members play tennis against each other on artifical grass courts reserved specifically for members. For new members this is the ideal oppertunity to get to know the association. On top of that, Lacoste participates in the official competition. Each year about 110 members partake in the national competition for Lacoste. Lacoste has teams for every level, making that there is a team for everyone.

Tournaments are also eagerly organised and visited by T.S.T.V Lacoste. In March we organise LUST, in which students from the entire country participate. Next to tennis, this tournament will include many parties, the highlight being the LUST Beer Cantus. Later in the year Lacoste organises a more serious tournament and the Lacoste Beachtennis Tournament.

Through out the year Lacoste organises many different activities such as: Christmas Dinner, Sinterklaarevening, New Years Drink, Lacoste Open Time, Meals on Wheels and the Paupergala. As you can see, there are more than enough activities. Don't worry, there is no obligation to attend them. You can perfectly go to those you want to. Are you interested, want to become a member, or have any other questions, e-mail:

Do you want to become a member of T.S.T.V. Lacoste?
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Nicole Tacke
Secretary of T.S.T.V. Lacoste

Do you want to be signed out? Send an email to: secretaris@tstvlacoste.nlPlease indicate why you do not want to be a member anymore.

You can also become a member of the Ex Members Association. For 15 euros per year you can still be connected to Lacoste! For more information click Here or send an email to:

An annual membership for only €42,50

For just €42,50 per year you can become a member of TSTV Lacoste. Moreover, if you sign up after 1 April you only pay €27,50.for the rest of the year.

Every wednesday clubevening

Every wednesday there is a clubevening where you are assigned for a match against someone of a similar level. After the match, there of course will be drinks at the clubhouse.


Every wednesday there is a training for beginners, given by fellow Lacostians. This is the ideal training for beginning players where you will also meet other Lacostians.

Play League

Lacoste also has room for members to participate in the national leagues. There are four leagues through out the year, namely the autumn, spring and winter leagues. You can become a part of differentt teams. There are female, male, mixed and beginnersteams.

Tournaments and parties of external student tennis associations.

Next to the different activites hosted by our own association, multiple other tournaments of student tennis associations through out the country take place. A large group of Lacostians go to these tournaments to compete and party.

Tournaments organised by Lacoste

Every year there are four tournaments next to the other activites. Namely, LUST, Beach, LOT and TSTK. For more information about these tournaments, go to the tab tournaments.

Other activities

Additionally Lacoste organises many activities such as the members weekend, first year activities, the sinterklaasevening, the christmas dinner and Meals on Wheels.


To ensure the previously mentioned activites actually take place, there are a great number of committees. The tasks of these committees vary greatly, there is a suitable committee for everyone. Moreover a committee is the ideal way to get to know many people and to learn a lot.